Dr. Hazzah, Thank you, you for being so kind, compassionate and caring. You helped us during our most difficult time. I believe the CBD and THC helped Peanut relax, ease nausea, and make him comfortable. We are forever thankful and appreciate your service, you’re the best!❤️🙏

- Peanut

We celebrated Scout’s 14th birthday! When we had our first appointment with you, I was afraid that would not be in the cards. He seems to be doing very well. The only actual concession I have seen is that he no longer tries to jump up on the counter, which was always a bit of a reach with his bulk. But otherwise, he seems his normal Scoutie self!

Thank you for everything. Your guidance in this has meant the world to us. And whatever happens with Scout going forward, we know that every day with him is a gift.

- Alice P. Neuhauser

I turned to Dr. Hazzah when my 10-year-old Doberman Nero received a heartbreaking diagnosis of two forms of cancer. From the moment we entered her care, Dr. Hazzah’s compassion and dedication were evident. Facing such a challenging situation, her support became an invaluable guide on this emotional journey.

Dr. Hazzah is more than an oncologist; she is a beacon of empathy and expertise. What sets her apart is not only her proficiency in both Eastern and Western medicine but her ability to seamlessly integrate the two. She didn’t just treat my sweet boy; she embraced my entire situation, attentively listening to every concern and patiently answering each of my numerous questions. Her ability to communicate complex information with clarity and warmth immediately put me at ease.

Navigating the world of cannabis for medicinal purposes was daunting, but Dr. Hazzah approached it with unparalleled expertise. She provided comprehensive insights, demystifying the subject and empowering me to make informed decisions for Nero. What sets Dr. Hazzah apart is her commitment to collaboration. Instead of making decisions on my behalf, she equipped me with the knowledge and support needed to make the best choices for my best friend.

In Dr. Hazzah, I found not just a veterinarian but a compassionate healer who has made an indelible impact on our lives during this challenging chapter. I am forever grateful.

- Amalia Reeves

Dash developed a lameness secondary to right elbow arthritis at 11 years old, which is unfortunately not a curable condition. Dr. Hazzah helped guide us to start a cannabis product for Dash that was well tolerated and improved his comfort. Four years later, he is still doing well with no lameness.

- Dr. Samantha Bajorek

I wanted to share the great news about how CBD, recommended by Dr. Hazzah, has made a real difference for my two cats, Tesla and Barry Pi.

They were both having some stress issues, but with Dr. Hazzah’s help, CBD has turned things around for the better.

Tesla used to be really timid, especially at the vet’s office. But after just a week of CBD, he’s like a different cat. He’s more curious and relaxed, and he doesn’t hiss at the vet staff anymore. Also, he stopped hiding when guests come to our house. It’s been a big relief for both of us.

As for Barry Pi, he was having a tough time adjusting to our new automatic litter box. He was so stressed that he started peeing outside of it. But after about a month of CBD, he’s much calmer around the litter box, and he’s stopped with the accidents.

I’m really grateful to Dr. Hazzah for her help in finding the right CBD product for my cats. It’s made such a positive difference in their lives, and in mine too. Seeing them happy and comfortable is all I could ask for.

- Diane Shigenaka

In May 2023, my 10-year-old golden retriever Apple had a blood biopsy done as a screening for the early detection of canine cancer. Sadly, the test returned a result of cancer signal detected (a result that is said to be 98.5 accurate). The test cannot identify the location or type of cancer, and two months of diagnostic testing did not yield a diagnosis. At that point, traditional vets were suggesting a “wait and see” approach and my holistic vet was cautioning against waiting. Faced with conflicting advice, I was lucky to find Dr. Trina Hazzah. Because I am in Los Angeles, I was able to have both in-person and zoom consults with Dr. Hazzah.
Dr. Hazzah became my guide through Apple’s cancer journey. One of Dr. Hazzah’s strengths is she comes from a traditional oncology background, but also recognizes the value of alternative therapies. Dr. Hazzah methodically suggested additional diagnostic testing, until cardiac hemangiosarcoma was ultimately diagnosed in October 2023. Sadly, hemangiosarcoma is the most aggressive and deadly canine cancer. The traditional vet who diagnosed Apple fatalistically warned that Apple’s prognosis was not good, suggesting she could die any day.

Despite this awful diagnosis, Dr. Hazzah continued to project optimism and to help me navigate treatment options. She guided me as I considered the traditional treatment options of chemotherapy and radiation, and also helped me make decisions regarding alternative treatments and supplements. She shared a methodology for making decisions, while reassuring me that there was no wrong choice. She gently warned me about ways that the cancer could manifest as it progressed.

Apple lived joyfully for three months after her hemangiosarcoma diagnosis. I am grateful to have had Dr. Hazzah’s guidance during Apple’s cancer journey. She helped me to make the best choices for Apple.

- Diane (@apple_thegolden)

What we appreciate most about Dr. Hazzah is her collaborative and non judgemental approach to treating Oscar, our rescue Golden. We have tried, over the last two years, a number of more traditional medical options to arrest the growth of Oscar’s peripheral nerve sheath tumor. Throughout this time we have been in touch with Dr. Hazzah who has offered options and suggestions but also respected the path we decided upon. This was critical in not creating ambivalence and recriminations about our choices, which sometimes can happen when a provider does not take into account the deep emotional investment one has in their pet. When we have turned to her for additional treatment options Dr. Hazzah has been compassionate, generous with her time, and very inclusive concerning what might work best for Oscar. Her ability to connect on an affective level coupled with her technical skills is a wondrous combination.

- Richard and Iris

I feel so blessed for our vet CBD consultants’ referral to Dr. Hazzah when a potentially malignant growth was found in Zadie Byrd’s mouth. Dr. Hazzah’s care and deep listening brought forth suggestions for adjustments to Zade’s CBD regimen that are supporting the level of comfort and ease in this senior dog’s life. Zadie Byrd and I are both grateful!

- Cindy Reinhardt

Dr Hazzah is amazing. Our girl was diagnosed with lymphoma this year and we have been treating with Dr Hazzah since. She has been a true blessing to our journey. Her care and compassion are like no other. She has made herself available to us anytime. We are grateful for her knowledge and expertise. Our girl has responded nicely to her protocol. We highly recommend this amazing doctor.

- Karen Gurrieri

I met Dr. Trina Hazzah when I was living in Los Angeles, CA, and my 10-year-old miniature Schnauzer, Emma, was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma. Anyone who has received this sudden diagnosis for their pet knows how incredibly devastating the diagnosis can be especially when your pet appears to be healthy and thriving.

From the moment you meet Dr. Hazzah, her passion for leveraging research to provide an individualized treatment plan for your pet is clear. Her in-depth knowledge and experience of both pharmaceutical and alternative therapies opened the door to more treatment options for Emma which extended her life and kept her thriving.

Now 7 years later, and living in Atlanta, GA, our rescue dog, Odie, has been diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma at the young age of 6 years old. Once again, Dr. Hazzah has guided us through this cancer journey and her expertise has been just as effective from a distance as it was when we were in Los Angeles.

Despite having a very aggressive type of cancer, Odie has defied numerous odds and is currently in remission a year after his diagnosis. Dr. Hazzah is a genius in striking the perfect balance of conventional protocols and holistic modalities, including CBD, to keep Odie healthy and strong.

Much like human medicine, it can be difficult to find a veterinary practitioner who is experienced with research that supports both conventional and alternative modalities for healing and well-being. Dr. Hazzah is a rare gem who recognizes the place for both and is actively leading and advocating research to advance the science of natural remedies to expand treatment options for animals.

Look no further than Dr. Hazzah for the latest treatment options for your pet. She will provide the gift of knowledge, comfort, and hope as you explore the best treatment plan for your beloved pet.

- Katie Freshwater, MBA

My Husky mix was diagnosed with 2 cancers in late 2020. She was at that time a senior dog – 11 years old and the surgery to remove both the thyroid and liver tumors was successful. In January of 2021 she started oral chemotherapy and did very well but after six months lost her interest in food. I was afraid that the effects of continued chemo treatments would ravage her body and eventually result in death. So I researched alternative treatments that would hopefully build on the chemo treatments she had and allow her to live a good and active life without any more invasive procedures or treatments. I found my answer in Dr. Trina Hazzah, a trained vet oncologist who has developed an expertise in CBD treatments. Dr. Hazzah developed a plan that would hopefully support what chemo achieved so far and take Sophie further along during her senior years. Sophie is now 14.5 years and still enjoys her daily park outings. I would say she has aged well. She has good eyesight, hearing and no doggy dementia. I think it is the treatments that Sophie gets – personalized formulation, dosing, and adjustments when needed, as well as a holistic approach to her care such as the type of food she eats that has taken her this far. I am grateful to Dr. Hazzah for her courage to explore beyond conventional treatments and this has allowed Sophie to continue to live out her senior years as a happy and active dog.

- Victoria

I am eternally grateful for Dr. Hazzah. She is a CBD specialist who has been an absolute lifesaver for my precious dog Hazel, who unfortunately suffers from epilepsy. Thankfully for her expertise, kindness, patience and guidance, Hazel’s condition has significantly improved.

Right from the start, Dr. Hazzah demonstrated a deep understanding of epilepsy in dogs. She provided personalized recommendations and tailored treatment options to address Hazel’s specific needs. Her knowledge and professionalism has been remarkable, and she has always patiently and kindly answered all my questions, ensuring I always feel well-informed and supported throughout the process.

Dr. Hazzah found and recommended a specific premium CBD product tailored especially for Hazel that is carefully sourced and tested for safety and effectiveness. She took the time to educate me all about the product
and gave me confidence in Hazel’s treatment plan.

The impact of Dr.Hazzah’s expertise on Hazel’s epilepsy has been truly remarkable. Her seizure frequency has significantly decreased, allowing her to lead a more normal and comfortable life. Witnessing Hazel’s improved well-being and happiness fills me with immense gratitude and joy.

I cannot thank Dr. Hazzah enough for her invaluable assistance. Her genuine care for dogs and dedication to finding natural solutions is truly amazing. She is so personable and helpful If you’re seeking a knowledgeable and compassionate CBD specialist to help manage your dog’s epilepsy or any other health issues.
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Hazzah.

Hazel, my family and I are forever grateful to Dr. Hazzah for her expertise, support, kindness and the positive impact she has made in our lives.

- Tara Coleman

Facing a cancer diagnosis for a beloved pet can be an incredibly challenging and overwhelming experience. Navigating the treatment options and specialists often adds to the stress, especially when there is a lack of collaboration between the professionals involved in your pet’s care.

Our journey took a dramatic turn for the better when we met Dr. Hazzah. We have an 11-year-old English mastiff, and after receiving a two-month life expectancy, our primary goal was to make our pet as comfortable as possible. Dr. Hazzah’s integrated approach to Western and Eastern medicine and alternative treatments, including specially formulated cannabis tinctures, have been instrumental in improving our dog’s quality of life. Furthermore, her connections with other veterinary cancer clinics expedited access to additional treatments.

Today, our dog is 12.5 years old and, despite the cancer diagnosis, still displays a zest for life. We are fully aware that our time with our beloved pet is limited, but the gift of time and the compassionate care provided by Dr. Hazzah are invaluable. We cannot thank her enough for her dedication and expertise.

- Cathy and John O’Rourke

Rascal is a work in progress…I really feel the dose of CBD is helping him, and allowing us training time. Life will be so much better when he is out of a kennel and in a home- but it’s definitely giving him some comfort! Thank you again for your gift of helping him have reduced anxiety.

- Michele Verdin (Hospital Manager at Animal Hospital of South Bay)