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Understanding which cannabis product or dose of cannabinoid(s) to use for your pet can be extremely challenging. Green Nile veterinarians are here to support you! We are passionate about educating pet parents on the endocannabinoid system and how the various parts of the cannabis plant work in pets. We enjoy taking the complexity of this powerful plant and breaking it down into easy to understand science and making it clinically applicable. By equipping you with knowledge and support we hope to provide you with the peace of mind knowing you are better informed to make the best decision possible for your pet.

Cannabis medicine can be confusing...we are here to help!

This consultation is ideal for caregivers who have pets suffering from various conditions that may benefit from cannabis.

Examples of common cannabis responsive conditions include:

  • Pain (i.e., neurological, osteoarthritis)
  • Behavioral (i.e., anxiety, PTSD)
  • Cancer
  • Seizures
  • Inflammatory (i.e., asthma, gastrointestinal disease)

Cannabis Educational Consultations Available

Initial Cannabis Consultation

60 minute zoom or phone consultation @ $393.00

Price includes:

  • Previous record review
  • Review of the potential benefits of incorporating cannabis as part of your pet’s treatment protocol, potential contraindications, drug-herb interactions, and harm reduction guidance on dosing and product selection.
  • Dosing and product guidance information sent to pet parent within 48 hours of consultation
  • Summary letter sent to primary care veterinarian
  • 1 month of follow-up communication via Eprogresstracker messaging

*If you need additional care, please check out our 3 month extended package that includes a follow-up consultation, and long-term support

Follow-up Cannabis Consultation

30 minute zoom or phone follow up consultation @ $185.00

Price includes:

  • Updated record review
  • Review of progress since initial consultation and discussion of any changes in the treatment plan that may need to occur
  • Updated treatment plant sent to pet parent within 48 hours of recheck
  • 1 month of follow-up communication via Eprogresstracker messaging

*Requires an initial consultation within 6 months 


3 Month Extended Care Package


Price includes:

The same benefits as the initial consultation


  • One 30-minute follow-up phone or video conferences (typically 6 weeks post the initial consultation)
  • 3 months of follow-up communication via Eprogresstracker messaging


All appointments require a 24-hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling, otherwise, you will be charged. Thank you for understanding.

Please note that all teleconference consultations are not intended to replace a relationship with your pet’s veterinarian. They are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease. They should not take the place of a physical exam by your primary care veterinarian. Green Nile will instead act as a resource for you and your pet’s primary care veterinarian to provide evidence-based education on all aspects of cannabis medicine.

If your pet has a medical emergency, please see your closest emergency clinic or contact your regular veterinarian immediately.


Rascal is a work in progress…I really feel the dose of CBD is helping him, and allowing us training time. Life will be so much better when he is out of a kennel and in a home- but it’s definitely giving him some comfort! Thank you again for your gift of helping him have reduced anxiety.

Michele Verdin (Hospital Manager at Animal Hospital of South Bay)

Facing a cancer diagnosis for a beloved pet can be an incredibly challenging and overwhelming experience. Navigating the treatment options and specialists often adds to the stress, especially when there is a lack of collaboration between the professionals involved in your pet’s care.

Our journey took a dramatic turn for the better when we met Dr. Hazzah. We have an 11-year-old English mastiff, and after receiving a two-month life expectancy, our primary goal was to make our pet as comfortable as possible. Dr. Hazzah’s integrated approach to Western and Eastern medicine and alternative treatments, including specially formulated cannabis tinctures, have been instrumental in improving our dog’s quality of life. Furthermore, her connections with other veterinary cancer clinics expedited access to additional treatments.

Today, our dog is 12.5 years old and, despite the cancer diagnosis, still displays a zest for life. We are fully aware that our time with our beloved pet is limited, but the gift of time and the compassionate care provided by Dr. Hazzah are invaluable. We cannot thank her enough for her dedication and expertise.

Cathy and John O’Rourke

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