Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have in-person appointments?

Yes, typically once a month Dr. Hazzah sees in-person appointments at the Animal Hospital of South Bay in Palos Verdes, CA

Animal Hospital of South Bay
28916 S. Western Avenue
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275.

Note that ALL appointments can only be booked directly from this website via eprogresstracker NOT with the Animal Hospital of South Bay

Does my pet need to be with me for the consultation?

For all teleconference and phone sessions, your pet is not required to be with you. However, for in-person visits, it is required.

What do I do if I can’t log into my eprogresstracker account or run into technical difficulties with eprogresstracker?

Contact Pam Rothstein at

Should cannabis products be given with or without food?

Multiple publications have demonstrated improved absorption of cannabinoids when given with food. As cannabinoids are fat soluble, it is best to give these products along with meals or treats that contain some healthy fat such as nut butters, cheese, and fish oils, sardines, etc.

What are some tips for administering oil tincture cannabis products to my pet?

  • Place the dose in/on a treat or pill pocket(s). You may need multiple for larger doses.
  • Place the dose onto a piece of bread (with peanut butter, cream cheese, etc)
  • Place the dose onto soft food or something tasty (baby food, tuna fish, etc) and confirm the pet eats the entire amount (no residual treatment left in the bowl).
  • Place the dose directly into the mouth of your pet
  • Ideally, we try to stay away from adding it directly to meals as it can create a food aversion (if the pet is sensitive to the smell) or they may not get the entire dose if it sticks to the bowl.

How many times a day should my pet receive the cannabis product?

The exact number of doses required for your pet varies depending on several factors such as the specific condition that is being treated, comorbidities, current medications, goals, schedule, and more. Most oral cannabis products are administered twice daily but some cases can receive up to 4 doses a day.

What are some tips of finding a high-quality cannabis product for your pet?

Do extensive research on the company

  • Are they transparent about their process and products?
  • Are there available certificates of analysis performed by a third-party laboratory associated with the product/batches? This will confirm the exact potency of cannabinoids and terpenes while also confirming the lack of contaminants (which is essential to confirm safety!).
  • Do they have good customer service?
  • Do they have clinical trials or any types of studies to support their product?
  • Do they have a veterinarian as part of the team that helps with formulation, and dosing and is cannabis-knowledgeable. Is the product at least endorsed by a veterinarian?

Consider choosing a product that is made specifically for the condition your pet is suffering from. Not all “CBD products” work for every condition.

Is it the right format (treats, vs oil tincture, vs topical)

What if I want to learn more about cannabis for pets?

Consider joining the Veterinary Cannabis Society nonprofit organization. They have pet parent memberships that offer a large amount of educational material including a curated collection of podcasts videos and written material. VCS also offers updates on veterinary cannabis legislation and monthly newsletters.

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